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    Our company TEMTARAGRI was based in 1975. In a short time, due to high quality standTAs, past experiences, a wide assortment of products and successful realization of projects, it has achieved great success in the production of meadow mowers.

    We as an agriculture company, focus on satisfying the needs of our customers, in addition we consulate them about our products. To achieve the high quality of our products, we set highest quality standTAs in advance, and we do not deviate a single step from the established standTA till the end of manufacturing. That’s why TEMTARAGRI produces a wide range of quality products.




    Our company pays special attention to the development of its employers in the professional sphere. Thus, bringing their work under high quality standTAs, which insure our customers with contentment of products.

    From the moment of our foundation for now, we work for our clients. TEMTARAGRI was founded under the motto “Excellent service and trust.” This means that every day we work to earn the trust of our customers with our products.

    The mission we have undertaken as an TEMTARAGRI is to produce high-quality, customer oriented products. Our main goal is growing with developing Turkey, and being responsible in the environment, as well as human values.


TEMTAR Agricultural Machinery

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